Photography LECTURES



These four photography lectures are based on over 35 years personal experience as a full time, professional wildlife photographer.   They are lavishly illustrated with as many images as I can fit in, selected to illustrate my points rather than simply to impress.   I am lucky that I have the ability to enthuse an audience with my amusing and exciting style of presentation, whilst imparting lots of information.   The quality of photographs ensures that no one leaves disappointed.

I have about 20 other nature and wildlife lectures that are illustrated and described in the 'Nature Lectures’  area of this web site.  

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I would recommend the 'World of a Wildlife Photographer' first and then returning a year later for another full evening with ‘Photographing Nature more Creatively’.   All four evenings are extremely informative and inspirational - full of enthusiasm, encouragement and entertainment.   

(1) The World of a Wildlife Photographer

This entertaining lecture spans 35 years of photography and takes us to 5 continents.    The questions I am most often asked are about are my  ‘favourites’!    What are the pictures you are most pleased with – what is the best place you have visited – which subjects do you most enjoy photographing?    These are impossible questions to answer because ones opinion constantly changes.    How can you possibly compare the Queensland tropical rain forest with the desert of Utah; or compare the delicate but vibrant sunbirds with the power and majesty of a bald eagle?    It may be impossible but, in this lecture, I am going to try!    Working my way through my commissions over a span of 30 years, I will bring you right up to date with my latest and most exciting project.


(3) How to photograph wild animals

I guess that for many nature photographers the ultimate challenge is to photograph animal life in the wild. Whilst in the previous lectures I would have suggested a variety of creative ideas, in this lecture I am aiming more towards the practicalities. It is a particularly difficult subject to discuss because every species is different and have different attributes. However, I can give lots of good advice and suggest many ideas that make achieving impressive pictures possible. From bears to butterflies, underwater to in-flight - contrary to popular belief very little is beyond the ability of an enthusiastic amateur.   

(2) photographing nature more creatively

 This lecture was created as a follow up to ‘The World of a Wildlife Photographer”   During that previous talk I touched upon so many things that stimulated interest and that re-enthused people, that many clubs requested I return to talk more about my approach to photographing natural subjects.   It is aimed as an inspirational lecture that enthuses and encourages the audience to develop more creative ideas.   It is for any photographic ability and the whole point is not to show images that are very difficult to achieve, but to show great shots that almost any club member could do with enthusiasm and effort.   I think that it shows some of my more interesting  photography and, as the title suggests, it is all based around thinking more creatively and this lecture will certainly help.         


(4) Classic Wild Landscapes

After family and friends more pictures are taken of landscapes than any other subject but so often the results are disappointing. In fact a beautiful landscape image is not an easy photograph to achieve.  A good sub-title for this lecture could be that there is more to a landscape than meets the eye!  In this lecture we will look at a variety of landscapes or habitat pictures and whilst enjoying the scenery we will draw out of it various features that we can use to improve our photography.  Whilst almost any camera can be used for an appealing landscape we can consider using it in a different way.   I have also created a more interesting style of image presentation.

In all these lectures there is the opportunity for questions and discussion during the second half.  

I could have listened to you all night yesterday thank you for making photography so interesting and simple.   - Lorraine

Thanks for such a great presentation last night - it is seldom that we get such a positive reaction from our members and I know that many of us will approach wildlife photography with a different view from now on. - Geoff

Many thanks for your very interesting and entertaining talk to our Club last night which I think you could tell we all enjoyed and found most informative. (You will have noted from the comment of a former vice-chairman and long term member that he was particularly impressed!) - Andy

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